MB Telecom has developed an integrated Schengen security system that include: Intelligent system of passage perimeter protection, Video surveillance of the border crossing points, Video surveillance of goods and passengers flow, Dynamic flow management system Traffic, Automated Vehicle Registration Number System, Local Computer System that integrates all existing security equipment. Following the work carried out by MB Telecom, Romania has exceeded the technical standards imposed in the process of joining the Schengen area. Romania’s technical evaluation phase has been completed with positive results, and evaluation mission reports have highlighted the implementation, in a uniform and correct manner, of all the provisions of the Schengen acquis.


CEECAI – The Eastern European Integrated Applied Research Center is a research institution in accordance with its rules, rules and funding programs, and is the only center in Romania and Europe that encompasses cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary research areas by the profile of its 10 laboratories. CEECAI is a research entity created as a spin-off from MB Telecom (MBT), taking over most of the human resources involved in the R&D portfolio in 2012.


MB Telecom has built a portable weighing system for vehicles, a developed and patented system (Patent No. 122693, entitled Dynamic Vehicle Weighting Method and System, granted on 30.11.2009) in response to an identified need in the market and generated sales of € 3.5 million between 2002 and 2010. Based on this patent, MB Telecom has sold more than 100 portable weighing systems, providing almost complete endowment with central and county road administration authorities CNADNR and County Councils.

  • Main contractor for the largest explosives and narcotics detection contract in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Design and implementation of the airport counter-terrorist checkpoints at Bucharest International Airport.
  • Design and implementation of the airport counter-terrorist checkpoints, access control, video surveillance and perimetral protection systems at Maputo International Airport-Mozambique.
  • Design and installation of the Romanian Customs Integrated Border Security System as part of Romania’s commitments to meeting the technical requirements of its Schengen Area access.

x-ray scanners

The ROBOSCAN family – MB Telecom has invested over 6 million euros and 4 years of research-development, at the end of which the Roboscan 1M model appeared in 2008. Roboscan technology has so far generated revenue of over 18 million euros, sold in a total of 13 units currently operating on the European Union.