TT 6040 DV is an advanced dual view X-ray non-intrusive inspection system for baggage and parcels. It offers high throughput at security checkpoints, performance and value where bags and personal belongings are screened, using the TUDOR Tech X-ray technology to assist with detection of dangerous and illegal objects in high quality dual-view images.

With a high steel penetration of 35 mm, best-in-class material discrimination and a high-tech user-friendly operator interface with touch-screen, TUDOR Tech 6040 DV is the best tool for fast identification of illegal objects and explosives in baggage an parcels.


radiation Safety

Regulatory compliance: CE, EURATOM, IAEA; External dose rate: < 1 μSv/h; Film safety guaranteed with a max. of 5 inspections: up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN).

Operating features

Command and control console: Touchscreen; Throughput: approx. 240 baggage / hour;
Noise level: < 65 dB(A).


Operating temperature: 0° – 45°C; Storage temperature: -20°C – +60°C;