Roboscan Aeria DV


AERIA DV is the unique solution for aircraft security inspection according to our patented design, designed to scan aircrafts ranging from small private jets up to the largest commercial planes, giving the operator the capability to detect within minutes threats, illegal or undeclared goods. 

The scanning process is remotely operated  inside airport premises with minimal impact for routine operations, without any human exposure to ionizing radiations and is the only fast and efficient technology capable to clear civil aircrafts under bomb threat, being also the only tool capable to fight against contraband with narcotics, explosives, guns, high values and illegal transports of money in cash.

The classic method of physical security inspection implies long delays in the streamline airport traffic and reduced chances to find bombs or hidden objects, due to limited access of the security inspectors inside the technical cavities of the fuselage, tail and wings that generates a systemic vulnerability in civil aviation. 


Maximum Safety

Aeria DV fully eliminates the risk of professional or accidental exposure to ionizing radiation by controlling all scanning processes from a Mobile Centre outside the Exclusion Area perimeter.

Intuitive Operation

The 3D interface of the application is very intuitive, indicating at each step the correct course of action, and not leaving room for mistake.


Throughput: 3 short to medium range aircrafts / hour 6 small business aircrafts /hour; Deployment/stowing time: Less than 30 minutes.


Preparation for scanning – our coleague is hiding an Ak 47

Scanned airplane – material dfiscrimnation  view (in the center you can see an AK47)

scanned airplaner
material discrimination view


radiation Safety

The dose at the limit of the Exclusion Area: less than 1 mSv/year, according to IAEA, GSR3; The dose on scanned aircraft: less than 10 µSv/scan.

Operating performance

Size of the scanned aircraft: from small business aircrafts until short to medium range aircrafts like A-320 or B-737; Scan mode: Aircraft tugged through the scanning frame.


Operation Temperature range: -15°C ÷ +45°C standard Extended temperature range: available by request Storage Temperature Range: -25°C ÷ +60°C standard

aeria dv SCANNed airplanes

standard view

material discrimination view