Roboscan 0M


The stationary scanning gamma imaging provides the same image construction capability, as standard scanning, with variations in penetration reverse proportional with the speed of the inspected vehicles.

Roboscan 0M is a cost effective and throughput optimized solution for container and trucks inspection in border crossing points, sea harbors, access point in military bases or any other high security areas.

The main advantage is the high flexibility of the solution as well the unparalleled high throughout up to 500 cars / vans per hour, or up to 200 trucks/buses per hour. This advantage doesn’t create any traffic jam in border the control site, allowing a throughput as high as the high value of the traffic flow in hard traffic conditions.


Maximum Safety

0M fully eliminates the risk of professional or accidental exposure to ionizing radiation by controlling all scanning processes from a Mobile Centre.

Intuitive Operation

The 3D interface of the application is very intuitive, indicating at each step the correct course of action, and not leaving room for mistake.


Fixed drive-through inspection system; High throughput (up to 200 trucks/hour or up to 500 small vehicles /hour) Automatically inspects any type of vehicle passing at speed (up to 20 km/h)


radiation Safety

Radiation dose of the driver is less than 0.2 uSv/scan. Considering that one pulmonary radiography is 60-100 μSv (sixty to one hundred microsievert), in worst case scenario, expose on person to hundreds times less radiation compared with the medical radiographies.

scanned Vehicles

Due to extremely low radiation dose, a bus can be scanned with all the passengers inside, without any precaution, notification or record of the ID of passengers.

Operating features

Remote operated by 1 operator placed outside of the Exclusion Area. Disassembly and reassembly in another site in two hours


Truck – standard view

truck – material discrimination view