CEECAI – The Eastern European Integrated Applied Research Center is a research institution in accordance with its rules and funding programs, and is the only center in Romania and Europe that encompasses cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary research areas by the profile of its 10 laboratories. CEECAI is a research entity created as a spin-off from MB Telecom (MBT), taking over most of the human resources involved in the R&D portfolio in 2012. 

As a non-governmental organization, the CEECAI strategy includes Research and development activities in the field of Mechanical and climatic testing, Biometrics, Mechatronics (Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Precision Mechanics), Automation (Robotics and Engineering Systems), Electronic (Devices and Circuits, Communications, Alternative Energy Sources) (also includes specific activities of manipulation of radiological materials with a s[ecialized robot in a hot nuclear chamber), 3D Design (multimedia and document analysis, 3D modeling), Numerical simulation (software design, software development, software testing ), Prototypes, and other adjacent domains.